What are we looking for?

Generally, we're keenly interested in people that are, well, "people-persons". Our work is people-oriented, with lots of interaction with our customers (yes, even for our developers!).

With that in mind, we're also looking for people with:
  • A helping hand. We feel we're helping our customers, every day. We look for opportunities to help them. We're satisfied when our clients think we've really helped them out. In short, we want to help. You should too.
  • A diversified background. Some kind of business or engineering education, and/or some experience owning or managing your own business, is ideal. Our clients are looking for a practical solution, first and foremost. We need people who understand this intuitively.
  • A good, logical, independent mind. "Yes" type of people need not apply. Our customers want to get good solutions, perhaps even want to be challenged by you so they, in turn, can challenge their marketplace. We're constantly faced with technical, logical, or business problems, and there are rarely easy answers!
  • Good technical skills. Obviously, that helps a lot. But, did you notice where it sits in this list? We assume you know your stuff, and that if there's something you don't know, you'll learn it quickly.

Our purpose is to contribute to the success of business through the application of knowledge. If you think you really fit this list and purpose, please feel free to submit your personal information on this form . We'll definitely look at it and, if we agree with you, we'll contact you to set up a meeting.