We are looking for someone who enjoys making phone calls, maintaining data on people and companies, and who gets a sense of accomplishment when prospects agree to appointments and, in turn, become clients.

Ideally, you have experience in a call center or telemarketing environment. You understand enough about computer technology, business, and the world in general to have intelligent conversations with business owners and leaders.

You are comfortable with technology. CRM software is something you enjoy using. You know how to use Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and more to get information.

You are smart, curious, and nimble-minded. You like to learn about new ideas, topics, and methods. What worked last month may not work this month, so you’re looking for ways to improve your craft.

If this list above seems like you, then you may be interested in talking with us. We are a group of people who love helping our clients do more with their Information Technology investments. We build long-term relationships with those clients, and we sincerely believe that we’re an asset to them.

We grow by word of mouth referrals and by a trickle of new clients from our prospecting activities. These prospecting activities have grown with their success, to the point that an inside sales position is now viable.

We have offices in Mississauga (Mississauga Rd and Argentia) and in Scarborough (Port Union and Lawrence). We offer competitive salary and incentives, along with group insurance plans.

Interested?. If you think you really fit this description and purpose, please feel free to submit your personal information on this form. We'll definitely look at it and, if we agree with you, we'll contact you to set up a meeting.