Virtual CIO

We are looking for someone with senior-level management experience who enjoys working with and helping small businesses get better at what they do.

Ideally, you have a lot of experience with growing small businesses, governance issues, planning and budgeting, and strategic thinking.

You can delegate and trust our team of IT specialists to do what's needed to support the plans you and our clients come up with.

You should enjoy supporting clients that are in the 15-100 user range, with the bulk in the 20-50 user range.

You need to have a car and be comfortable travelling throughout the GTA, Durham, and/or Northumberland County areas. That's where our clients are.

Interested?. If you think you really fit this description and purpose, please feel free to submit your personal information on this form. We'll definitely look at it and, if we agree with you, we'll contact you to set up a meeting.